The winter has arrived and garden services have slowed.   Sales of reconditioned mowers have exceeded all expectation and all our stock has been successfully cleared. 

Understandably many mowers have now been resigned to the shed for the winter; having served their purpose through the  summer.  

Thinking ahead, perhaps it would be wise to have your garden equipment serviced, prior to winter storage, to ensure that it will perform when needed again in the spring. 

If your mower has put in a full season and worked without fail this year, give it a service before overwintering.

Parts will be charged as necessary and advised, for approval, prior to the commencement of any works

Do you have a mower/mechanical garden equipment, that no  longer works (or you no longer use) which is taking up space in  your shed?  

Call to see if we can be of assistance in either buying  or recycling/removing it for you!   01453 827099